Hey there! My names Carley and i started Little Vegan in October 2017 when after recently becoming vegan myself and realised the lack of GOOD vegan options when eating out. I ate that much falafel and hummus and bean burgers to the point were i’d had enough! I began veganising the foods i had loved and missed which not only made the transition to a vegan diet a hell of a lot easier but it also perked up a few individuals who offered to buy my food as they were experiencing the same problems... And that’s when the idea clicked. I could cook (which i love to do) and satisfy the needs and wants of both vegans and non vegans in Preston, plus do something which makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :)

So what started as a hobby soon became my full time passion, purpose and job. I work around my children and life to provide the masses with burgers, hot dogs, lasagnes, curries, butty’s and well anything i can veganise!