It's time for some pampering! At Little Vegan, we like to support and collaborate with local producers and suppliers of Vegan and cruelty free products. Click on the links below to visit L.V's favourites. Avoid delivery charges by choosing L.V as your delivery address (Unit 1 York Yard, Derby Street, PR1 1DX).


The Bodyshop

Indulge in great cruelty free and Vegan beauty products, featuring innovative and award winning skincare at discounted prices. "Enrich, not exploit" is the ethos of this long standing nature inspired brand. From every day necessities to spa like luxury indulgence, the products never fail to make an impact, but not on your wallet or the planet.



Owner & Founder Kate Coop has been Vegan since 2016 and in this time her passion for Veganism and living a cruelty free lifestyle has grown intensely. She realised when looking to purchase Vegan and cruelty free beauty products that a lot of her time was spent researching companies, questioning them and purchasing from numerous different websites... That’s when the idea hit her, what a dream it would be to have a “One Stop Vegan & Cruelty Free Beauty Shop”. She played with the idea for over a year and in October 2017 decided to take the plunge and make her dream a reality.

All of the products you will see on the beauty store are 100% Vegan & most definitely cruelty free, which means no animal testing whatsoever, whether it be ingredients, third parties or the company itself... If you test on animals you won’t be sold on Veauty.



FM World is a Vegan friendly and cruelty free company who have been established in the UK since 2006. FM World sell over 150 fragrances which are identical to the designer brands, but they aren't tested on animals.

FM perfume oils are sourced from ‘Drom’ in Munich, the main perfumery used by the designer brands. The fragrance is produced and bottled in FM bottles instead of the designer ones and hence sold at a much cheaper rate. Perfume oils do not have copyright but the brands do and therefore, as FM do not advertise or use celebrity endorsements, it reduces the amount you pay to less than half of the high street price! 

FM World also have a vast range of cosmetics and skincare products, take a look at the website for more details.


Tropic Cosmetics

Empowering beauty. It’s at the heart of everything we do, protecting our environment and animals with our unwavering Vegan and cruelty free ethics, to simply giving you the skin confidence you’ve always wanted.

At Tropic, we believe that the natural world provides all the goodness our skin needs. Therefore we use only the most effective, premium plant extracts in all of our products. We source our ingredients from the whole plant - the flower, the seeds, the stem, the roots, the leaves and the fruit, to extract the wonderful vitamins and antioxidants nature has to offer. We never use ingredients derived from animals and are strict in our Vegan ways. We maintain a close relationship with our suppliers and ensure that the ingredients used within our products are of the highest quality.