Yoga & Wellbeing

We all need to spend time in a state of mindfulness to ensure we're looking after our minds as well as our bodies! At Little Vegan, we like to support and collaborate with local producers and suppliers of Vegan and cruelty free products. Click on the links below to visit L.V's favourites.


The Mandala Preston

Welcome to The Mandala Preston CIC, offering Yoga and a range of Complementary Therapies to support your wellbeing! 

There are Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga classes, suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced.

We’re a 'NON-PROFIT' CIC (Community Interest Company) supporting Mental Health in Preston City Centre and linked to the Charity 'Mind'.

We advise and assist in how to maintain physical, mental and emotional health, as well as how to use nutrition in maintaining your optimum health and are happy to sit and chat over a 'cuppa'...  


Salvador Health & Recovery

Salvador Health & Recovery provides alternative, holistic therapy treatments to people who are suffering and wish to get their lives back.

Holisitc therapy is a form of treatment that considers a person’s body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Many traditional forms of physiotherapy focus on the area of pain, but holistic therapy focuses on the root cause of that pain, leading to a faster and more permanent recovery.